Meet a Mom Monday week 1

Mondays on River Valley Mom are Meet A Mom Monday. Every Monday we will meet a new special needs mom and her wonderful family. Since the blog is so new, I thought the first mom we meet should be me!

  1. Tell me about your family. My family consists of Myself, my husband, my developmentally delayed 19 year old daughter, and my 14 year old son who has severe ADHD.
  2. What is your child or children’s best quality? My daughter’s best quality is her sunny disposition. She is always happy, and you can’t help but be happy around her. My son’s best quality is his amazing creativity and quick brain. He is crazy smart and loves puns!
  3. What is your child or children’s biggest challenge? My daughter’s biggest challenge is her reading skills. She can only read the most basic words, and getting along in the world without reading is tough. My son’s biggest challenge is impulsiveness. He acts first, and thinks it over later.
  4. What does the world not understand about your children? I think the world often doesn’t understand that special needs children and adults have feelings to. That they often notice the way people look at them, tone of voice, and the fact that people blow them off to try to get away as fast as possible.
  1. How can a passerby help you during a challenging moment? (Example open a door when your hands are full, help with other children during a meltdown, keep walking and don’t stare etc.) I would love for someone to ask if they can help when I am struggling. Sometimes the answer will be no because I am fiercely independent. I am never offended by someone asking if they can help.
  2. Would you prefer curious people come up to you or your child and ask questions or mind their own business? I personally would prefer people come up and talk to us out of a sense of curiosity and kindness, rather than stand and stare at us from a distance, or for people to grab their kids by the arm and pull them away.
  3. What is your biggest hope for your child’s the future? My biggest hope for my children is the same as it would have been even if they didn’t have additional needs. I want them to be happy, to be kind, and hopefully to leave the world a little better in some way. My biggest hope related to my kids special needs is that I hope we find someone to take care of my daughter when we are no longer able to.
  4. What do you wish you could tell yourself at the beginning of your special needs journey? I would like to tell myself that eventually you will get to sleep. Fight less about food. It didn’t make a difference anyway. Take even more pictures.
  1. What would you ask your future self? Are my kids happy? Are they kind? How did you survive the teenage years? Did the Vikings ever win the superbowl?
  2. Do you have any words of encouragement for other special needs moms? Take it easy on yourself. Sleep when you can. Take lots of pictures. It does get easier, but it never gets easy. Ask for help when you need it, accept help when it is offered. Find a support group – online or in person and lean on them. You. Are. Never. Alone.

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